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SWAG to engage Presidential Aspirants to make sports a priority


The Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) is embarking on a series of strategic engagements with political parties and their Presidential Aspirants to advocate for the prioritization of sports in their election manifestos.

This strategic move by SWAG is aimed at advancing the status of sports in Ghana from a recreational activity to a significant sector with economic and developmental potential.

In a statement issued and signed by the Deputy General Secretary of SWAG, Kenneth Odeng Adade, it is believed that by aligning sports with scientific research and evidence-based practices, SWAG believes it was crucial for candidates seeking the presidency to elevate sports to a central focus of their political agendas.

To this end, SWAG has officially reached out in writing to all declared Presidential Aspirants and will be scheduling follow-up meetings at their earliest convenience.

These meetings aim to address the key challenges facing sports development in Ghana and to gain insight into the specific policies the candidates plan to implement for the advancement of the sports sector.

SWAG looks forward to engaging in meaningful conversations with the Presidential Aspirants to explore how sports can be effectively utilized as a catalyst for national development


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